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Martin's Lane winery at night


Shane Munn and Martin’s Lane Winery Tasting wines with Shane Munn is always a relaxed, fairly modest affair, except for the steep knowledge he imparts,...
Egan Irish Whiskey line up

Well-Travelled Whiskey

Egan's Irish Irish whiskey (yes, with an “e”, just as the Americans do with Bourbon), is experiencing something of a renaissance. Often, it is an...
Bob Dylan Heaven's Door whiskey

A New Legend is Born

Heaven’s Door Whiskey Let’s start a new urban legend, although it is based on a Western movie. James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, director Sam Peckinpaugh, and...
Nightingale Restaurant Second Floor Dining Room View

The Nightingale

Known for its mellifluous and fulsome song, the nightingale appears in nature and, in multiple instances, in art, from Romantic poetry right on back...
Mogiana Coffee yellow bourbon cherries

True artisanal expression

It was 1890. The Dias family patriarch planted his first coffee beans, built a plantation high in the hills in Brazil’s Mogiana Valley, based on sustainable...
Macallan highland single malt scotch whisky with dram

Supreme Single Malts

The relationship between oak casks and single malt Scotch whiskies is more mysterious than Abelard and Heloise. Volumes have been written, over the centuries,...
Hawksworth Restaurant lamb shoulder depuylentil celeriac pumpkin seed tangerine

At Hawksworth

At Hawksworth, fine dining in Vancouver is alive and very well. Since opening to virtually instant acclaim in 2011, Chef David Hawksworth and his...
Chef Daniel Boulud

Daniel: Simply Sublime

Enter from the sidewalk, pass under the awning at 60 East 65th Street in New York, and you immediately find a world unto itself,...
Inside Spirits whisky shot and cigar smoke

Old Stogies

On my last trip to Montreal, last February, I was not surprised to find snow on the ground and a not so welcoming minus...
Le Creuset 2019 skillets

One Pot Only

Stranded on a desert island, if you only had one pot , or pan, to cook in, what would it be? We asked some experts,...
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