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Inside Spirits whisky shot and cigar smoke

Old Stogies

Macallan highland single malt scotch whisky with dram
Bearface Whisky cooperage toasting oak barrels

Bearface One Eleven Oaxaca

What Andres Faustinelli does not know about whisky is almost not worth knowing. Over dinner at Per Se Social Corner, he regales the table...
Bob Dylan Heaven's Door whiskey

A New Legend is Born

Heaven’s Door Whiskey Let’s start a new urban legend, although it is based on a Western movie. James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, director Sam Peckinpaugh, and...
Ardbeg Distillery Islay Scotland

Mythical Creatures, Magical Bottles

Ardbeg Kelpie Kelpies, according to agile Scottish lore, are shape-shifting water spirits that inhabit the small, inhospitable islands called skerries, that dot the Atlantic shores...
Sandro Bottega

My Name is Graspa

The Bottega Alexander Frugal times, frugal means. Inventiveness. Ecology even. We could learn a few lessons form the birth of eau du vie, marc, grappa,...
Glendalough Distillery

Irish Oak, Beautiful Spice

The Glendalough Pot Still Irish Whiskey. We have Irish monks to thank, to begin with. In pursuit of knowledge about the parfumerie processes, they travelled...
Egan Irish Whiskey line up

Well-Travelled Whiskey

Egan's Irish Irish whiskey (yes, with an “e”, just as the Americans do with Bourbon), is experiencing something of a renaissance. Often, it is an...
Glendalough Double Barrel Bottle Shot

Saint Kevin Approved

The Glendalough distillery in Ireland is situated on lands once occupied and protected by Saint Kevin. That was back around 700 AD. These days...
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